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Back in the mid 1990's I had a small wind fall burning a hole in my pocket, whilst I was walking down the hight street in Plymouth an item in a shop window cought my eye, It was a metal detector and the price was just right for my wind fall of £50.00.

Well it didn't take long for me to realise that what I had purchased was merely a toy and was pretty useless, however it stired up somthing in me and wanted to know more.

While I was visiting a newsagent the following day I spotted the Searcher detecting magazine.

This magazine opened up a whole new world for me and so I investigated further and was soon joining the local club and purchasing a descent metal detector.

The next step was to gain permission and I was very lucky to be granted permission for a huge farm in South Devon, I was very sucessful finding many artifacts and silver hammered coins althought Saxon finds eluded me.

Myself and friend of mine Julian soon found ourselves seeking out new permissions and we were at one point detecting in four countiues not to mention various club digs and rallies we enjoyed.

However due to a personal matter I took a break from detecting for over 10 years and I have now been re introduced to the hobby again along with new modern machines that are just so much more lighter and easier to use, I still have my old favourite the original Minelab Soveriegn XS coinshooter which pumps out not one frequency but 17 enabeling the detector to detect deeper and most importantly ideal for wet miniralised sand..

This website is dedicated to my rescent finds starting from my birthday 9th March 2017 I will list some of the finds I have found in the past further down in the site. If your going to take up the hobby then please let it be a pleasure and not a chore don't have high expectaions it is a hard hobby at times you will find things othertimes you won't but your getting out into the countryside and exercising so do enjoy it whatever you do don't make it a mission.

Good luck & Happy Digging.


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The hobby has quite alot of followers throughout the world and anyone from the age of 10 to retirement age are actively taking up this great hobby,

I have included a couple of videos created by Kris Rodgers AKA Addictedtobeeps he is a great inspiration for this hobby, anyway have a look at his videos, they sum it all up, please do visit his channel on youtube he has some great entertaining videos about the hobby enjoy.

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